HHCF & UFC Fighter Ken Shamrock in Online eBay Series!!!

The good people at eBay just began a funny series of ads about shopping victoriously.

You may have seen some of them already. Like this one:

There is a whole series of ads like these running on TV and the net. To see an eBay clip featuring the HHCF visit http://www.shopvictoriously.com/# right now!!! Look in the Positivity section and you can see a clip of DJ Disk and Adisa Banjoko chopping it it up with Andy Richter and Paul Tompkins on Hip-Hop and chess!! UFC fighter Ken Shamrock is in the segment before ours showing people how to keep a winners mind.

We were honored to be a part of the series. Stay positive and remember y'all- SHOP VICTORIOUSLY!!


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