Dr. Alan Kirshner Is Hosting His Annual Birthday Party Chess Tournament! YOU NEED TO BE THERE! I will...


I am holding my annual birthday party. The CalNorth Youth Chess Age Level Championships on February 5 (a Sunday).  I already have 275 registered.  It is in Newark: http://www.CalNorthYouthChess.org/AgeLevel2012.  If you know any elementary school kids interested in attending please let them know.  If they cannot afford the entry fee then I can give them free entries--simply have them type Adisa in the coupon box!!! 

Look, this is going to be an amazing event (as all his chess events are). I have immense respect for Dr. K and he was the first, VERY FIRST person from the local Bay Area chess community to really support me and help guide me toward making HHCF happen. I cannot thank him enough. I look forward to being at his birthday chess tourney and I hope to see you there. If you think you might have any trouble paying for the tournament, hit me up... bishop@hiphopchessfederation.org (I might be able to help you out).

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