HHCF San Quinn & Balance Show Cali Love at Juan Crespi Middle School!!

San Quinn, Adisa Banjoko & Balance bring wisdom and love to the youth

Today the HHCF was proud to host a panel at Juan Crespi Middle School featuring San Quinn, Balance, and Lamont Thompson (Yes, the football player). We had two groups of youth to kick it with. The day was amazing.

Much love to the kids at Juan Crespi. They have amazing attitudes and clearly love Hip-Hop to the fullest.

The shadow made it so that Quinn did not come out too well in this one. But light on these kids faces made me post it. Juan Crespi in the house!!!!

The Principle, Mrs. Bell and the rest of the staff and faculty were very supportive of the event. It felt good to be embraced by another school that understands how Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts can unify the youth and promote peace.

We gave away tons of books, shirts, boards, pieces and video games.

San Quinn & Balance talk about life strategies and staying focused on your goal.

This here is 1/2 the class...HALF the class??? Yes, half the class. Juan Crespi does it BIG

Lots of rappers TALK about loving the community. HHCF, San Quinn and Balance give the truth to the youth. I throw W's for WISDOM....

I have some incredible video of this event I hope to post next week. Stay strong and stay on the boards. Much love to my man Daud for his help in putting this event together. DLabrie the EOG was in the house to!!!


PS. Play this as you spread Cali love around the world....Rest in peace 2Pac!!!

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