Anybody who questions Hip-Hop & Chess...Look below

Harlem rapper Immortal Technique (L) and DJ Green Lantern on the 64 squares.

Immortal Technique has a new album dropping June 24th The 3rd World. He has been, and continues to be a selfless supporter of the HHCF. When I was recently at O'Connell High in SF, I met a young Guatemalan kid named Kevin, who was a major fan of the Peruvian born MC.

I called Immortal Technique on the phone and let Kevin speak with his idol. One cannot describe the joy in his eyes as he heard Techniques voice on the other line. He gave the youngster some positive words and put Kevin in Hip-Hop heaven! Any rapper who is sincere about serving their community, is a rapper we'll always support. Look how many kids showed up to see his last talk....


Parents should be advised that Immortal Technique records have lyrics that are not intended for children.

PS. In related news, JAY-Z, adds chess to his VIP rooms at all of his exclusive 40/40 clubs!!!

READ HERE:,0,4427867.story

This is a real movement people...REAL.

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