Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HHCF's Dyhemia in Texas

Posted by HHCF Volunteer

When I arrived at Texas Tech today I got to watch Dyhemia Young interacting with her host of new friends. While there are definitely more experienced players here, Dyhemia is lighting this place up with her personality and determination.

While some girls are taking the psych-out approach, posturing about winning Dyhemia looks at them and in a sharp tone answers back, well I know how I
'm gonna do!" A girl answers back expecting a fight and Dyhemia looks straight at her and said, "I'm gonna LOSE!"

A gasp went around the room as all the girls fell silent.

"That's right, L-O-S-E. Because I'd rather expect the worst and get the best and be surprised by what I can do."

The room held its breath waiting to see what would happen next, but the other girl smiled, shrugged and said, "Good point."

Mind game over and back to the 64.

FOX News will be here to cover the start of the tournament. Stay tuned for updates from this site.

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