Andy Richter Reps HHCF in Conan O'Brien Can't Stop!!

    Andy Richter rocking the HHCF shirt (check the partial crown) the banana is a pretend PHONE....

OK, so I heard about this on Twitter when the movie first came out. A guy hit me up and was like, I'm at SXSW and I saw Any Richter from Conan rocking your shirt in his movie. I totally did not believe it. I really did not...I mean,, I met Andy Richter one day....Me and DJ Disk (Disk was my DJ long before he was DJ'ing for Herbie Hancock) were invited to shoot a commercial for EBay (we were in the positivity section of the Shop Victoriously campaign) that starred Andy. Andy was so cool and I gave him a shirt on the set. I never talked to him again and that was that. For all I knew he could threw it outta his Maybach or used it to dry his dog....NOPE, he wore it in the flick. I never had a still shot of it...Heres as good as it gets folks...This is the old school shirt. So, recognize real G's when you see 'em foooooooooooooooooooool. LOL

In all honesty, any acknowledgement is an honor. I feel very thankful that he rocked the shirt, even if its seen for only a second.

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