HHCF Releases "Measure Your Movements" Summer T-shirt !!

Summer is here and we got the gear to keep you cool on the hottest block!! The "Measure your moments" T-shirt is a reminder for those rocking it to be calculated in all their efforts. Long ago I read a Confucian book from the Ming Dynasty and one of the scholars from that time said "To to too far is just as bad as not going far enough." That sentence was stuck in my head for years. Ultimately its a reminder of being a person clear on JUSTICE . As you know, an overextended attack in jiu jitsu can end in broken arms and choke holds for the attacker. In chess it can lead to back rank mates, stolen queens and gaps for your opponent to threaten the king.

On the back of the shirt at the top is says 3PA > 1NT....If you roll with HHCF philosophy you already know what that means. Its available online for $20.00, holla at a scholar!!

All shirts are in ash grey with burgundy writing only....The ash grey and navy shirts are COMING SOON!

Get yours today www.hiphopchessfederation.org/hhcfstore

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