HHCF Summer Camp Feats. Celeb Visits via Airtime Technology

Hip-Hop Chess Federation Enlists Rappers Chuck D, Rakaa & Asheru for Online Mentoring Using Airtime Video Conferencing via Facebook

July 9, 2012- San Jose, CA- Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF)  is proud to announce that its Live The Game Summer Camps will feature online mentoring sessions with businessmen,
 rappers, pro skaters and athletes. HHCF summer camps allow kids to develop core skill sets in chess, anti-bullying techniques, as well as allow participants to engage in performing arts and dance programs. The camps are based in Fremont, California and run every week until the beginning of September 2012.

This one of a kind chess camp was created to balance the exercise of the mind and the body. Various notables from the chess community including Jean Hoffman of 9 Queens, African-American chess champion Diamond Shakoor and others others will teach foundational chess themes to the kids. The HHCF’s founder will reinforce how the same themes can be played out in life. To add an extra edge to their camps, the HHCF has gathered some of the most innovative businessmen, entertainers and athletes to talk to the youth on Airtime. Airtime is the latest video conferencing technology created by Napster founder Shawn Fanning and Facebook's Sean Parker.

“We believe that Airtime is the perfect tool for us to use to teach with” said HHCF Founder and President Adisa Banjoko. “We understand that we are dealing with leaders of industry who cannot visit HHCF summer camps as much as they’d like. Airtime, allows them to engage our kids effortlessly on such an expansive platform. It's fun and easy to use and we love it. Many of the same technologies used to entertain our youth can be used to educate. If our technology fails to educate and inspire our youth, then it fails us all.”

Some of the artists lined up to speak to the youth include but are not limited to Chuck D of Public Enemy, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, Asheru (creator of the Boondocks Theme Song), T-KASH, Def Poetry Jam’s Amir Sulaiman, Hollywood casting agent Kristin Curtin, MMA Fight Dr. Peter Goldman, Video remix king Mike Relm, MMA fighter Ralek Gracie and many other surprise guests.

These sessions will allow the young people to engage these artists and ask questions about how these people achieved their dreams and what work ethic, education and discipline they will need to actualize their own vision of the future.

Live The Game in house visits at HHCF camps include Pro skater Jordan Richter, chess author Eric Schiller, Proven.com CEO Pablo Fuentes, Brazilian  Jiu Jitsu masters Alan “Gumby” Marques, Denny “300” Prokopos, David Frazee Esq. and others.

Families with economic hardships can apply for financial aid. HHCF is currently running a summer camp special on Groupon.

For more information on HHCF Live The Game summer camps visit: www.hiphopchessfederation.org or www.rawtalents.org

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