Adisa Speaks on How Corruption in Education and Wall St. Hurt Our Youth!!


In this issue we take on gangster bankers and corrupt people in education who function as educational terrorists. We take a deep and serious look at the economic impact and the rarely discussed human toll of corruption within HSBC and San Francisco Unified School District .  They create a ripple effect of crime, drug use and emotional distress within the families they affect.

Our guests are Basketball coach and mentor LyRyan Russell and Hip-Hop Chess Federation Education Director Arash Daneshzadeh.
Then we talk with Henry Medina. He was the leader of the notorious Young Galaxies gang in NY in the 70's. His life and journey from teen gang leader to active mentor and peacemaker in San Francisco is amazing. 
Dr. MLK Jr., taught that poverty was the root of much violence. Lets learn about who keeps those cycles in motion and why many in the government are so reluctant to prosecute to the full extent of the law.  

This is not an attack on banks, bankers or capitalism. Rather, this is a counterattack on those who abuse the system. 

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