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Hip-Hop Chess Federation Announces $500.00 Cash Award at Dance Battle
Team Prize Announced at HIT Cheer and Dance World Cup Championship Series

October 21st 2013, San Francisco CA- Hip-Hop Chess Federation (HHCF) has just announced it will award $500.00 cash prize to the Hip-Hop Team Champions December 7th at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds at the World Cup Championship Series hosted by HIT Cheer and Dance. The World Cup Championship Series is attracting Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Jazz and Contemporary dancers from across the country. This National Competition  will showcase  competitive dance programs and cheer teams. Winners will receive highly sought after bids, paid and unpaid, for the US Finals.

“We are excited about the wide range of dancers who have signed up for the World Cup Championship Series” stated HIT Event Coordinator Marcus Holt. “Hip-Hop dance is arguably the most battle intensive form of dance in the world right now. The Hip-Hop Chess Federations is offering a $500.00 prize to turn up the heat. We’re all very honored and excited about it.”

“Hip-Hop dance is something I’ve always loved” stated Hip-Hop Chess Federation Founder, Adisa. “The psychology of battle in the dance element of Hip-Hop has always moved me deeply. I look forward to watching who takes the prize.”

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ABOUT HIT CHEER AND DANCE: HIT provides the ULTIMATE cheerleading and dance competition experience! Coaches, athletes and spectators will experience a truly invigorating competition experience with our customer centered approach in organizing and executing events. H IT is also focused on cheerleaders and dancers maintaining a positive body image through healthy eating habits and lifestyles.

About HHCF: The Hip-Hop Chess Federation is the world's first nonprofit (501c3) to fuse music, chess and martial arts to promote unity, strategy and nonviolence. They host lectures, panels, and celebrity chess events to help at-risk, gang-impacted and gang intentional youth make better decisions in life. The HHCF has been featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, Chess Life, VIBE and Rolling Stone.    

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