WATCH: HHCF Expanding to North Carolina!!

               D'Juan Owens and Cody Maltais joined forces to help HHCF expand to NC!!

HHCF will be expanding to North Carolina!! With the help of Elevate MMA and D'Juan Owens they held an intro event in Durham, NC a few weeks back. In case you missed it, here are two pretty cool short videos that prove the fusion of Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts are for all people, of all backgrounds, all across America:

Video 1 ( a short vid explaining why we do what we do) made by Gene Kim

Video 2 (a lof of the rolling from that day and the youth) made by Beautiful by Design Art

Extra thanks to Cody Maltais of Elevate MMA, HHCF Southeast Regional Director Vince Bayyan and HHCF Raleigh Chapter Leader D'Juan Owens!!

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