Tuesday, January 17, 2017

HHCF Hosts Hip-Hop Education Event Blending Art & Technology: Unity in Diversity Feb 25-26!!

This will be a 2 day event. A lot of top people from technology, Hip-Hop and the education world will be there. IF you are a parent or an educator or a student....You want to be at this.

Get tix here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unity-in-diversity-trends-in-hip-hop-ed-art-technology-tickets-31246996608

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Meek Gaborski

Two Day Event Centered on Hip-Hop Education, Art and Technology

Scholars, Artists and Technology Leaders talk STEAM, STEM and College Readiness at Unity in Diversity in SF Bay Area

1/23/17 San Jose, CA- Hip-Hop Chess Federation 501(c)3 is proud to announce it will be hosting a two day event for parents, and educators about the latest trends in Hip-Hop Education, art and technology. Unity in Diversity: Hip-Hop Ed, Art and Technology
will be a series of community conversation about how teachers, artists and innovators are informing and inspiring our youth. Dr. David Timony of Delaware Valley University will give the first keynote entitled Real Genius or Artificial Intelligence? Dr. Terri Givens of  Menlo College will close the second day with College Readiness: Myth Vs. Reality.

There will also be special guest performances to be announced shortly to close each day's event.  Unity in Diversity is an ALL AGES event at costs $10.00 for both days to ensure it affordable.  The event will be a 2 day event Feb 25-26 2017. It will take place at 42660 Christy St. Suite B, Fremont, CA 94538.  

“In chess all pieces have their own movements” said HHCF Founder Adisa Banjoko.      ”Alone they can do very little. However, united they can achieve amazing things. The same is true in education. We are giving parents and educators immediate access to one another so both can find the best tools to get their kids college ready. This is just the beginning.” Participants include Hip-Hop producer Dug Infinite, NBC 11 Technology Anchor Scott Budman, rapper Aliah Sharrief, Dr. Charity Clay, Zion I, Dr. Elliot Gann and Nate Nevado among others. There will also be a youth led panel.

Topics include: The Hamiltonization of Hip-Hop: Is Commerce Killing The Culture,

Fight Philanthropy: How Martial Artists Give Back, Innovating Beyond the Code and Hip-Hop, Technology and Gender among others.

Unity in Diversity Outline of Events

Feb 25th:

11 AM Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders: Where Do We Get it Right and Where Do We Fall Short? Dr. Itoco Garcia (Cherryland Elementary), Leroy Moore ( Krip Hop Nation), Aliah Sharrief (Artist Activist), Ras Ceylon (Educator/Activist) Moderator, Daniel Zarazua (Founder Pochino Press/ Educator Unity High School)- Moderator- T-KASH (Student Parent Counselor UC Berkeley)

2 PM Panel Fight Philanthropy: How Martial Artists Give Back Panelists- Paul Moran (Founder Open Mat Radio/ Philanthropist), Casey Wong (Hip-Hop Ed scholar/Martial Artist), Rahman Jamaal (Rap Force Academy), Tom Callos (The 100/Philanthropist), Gumby (Heroes Martial Artst/Philanthropist), Eliot Kelly (Jiu-Jitsu Inst/Educator) Moderator- D’Juan Owens (Founder, Fight 4 Uganda)

4 PM Panel (1:15 min w/ 45 min intermission) Hip-Hop, Art, Technology and Gender Panelists- Dr. Charity Clay (Sociology Prof. Merritt College), Mya Canty (100% College), Miki Noda (5th Element), Moderator- Meek Gaborski, HHCF VP of Operations

6 Keynote: Real Genius or Artificial Intelligence? Dr. David Timony of Delaware Valley University

Feb 26th:
11 AM SPECIAL YOUTH PANEL- TBD (lineup announced soon)

2 PM Panel (1:15 min w/ 45 min intermission) The Hamiltonization of Hip-Hop: Is Commerce Killing The Culture? Panelists- Demone Carter (Future Arts Now), Doug Infinite (Producer of Common), Nate Nevado (Rock The School Bells), Mazi Mutafa (Words Beats & Life),Moderator- Vince Bayaan, Southeast Dir. for HHCF

4 PM Panel Technology, Science and Hip-Hop: Innovating Beyond the Code Panelists- Milan Drake (Yes We Code), Andrew Swank (UX Engineer, Google), Stephanie Lowe (The Dope Science Show), Sumi Banjoko (Coder/ Founder Fashion Cali) Moderator- Scott Budman, NBC News 11

6 Keynote Dr. Terri Givens (Provost Menlo College): College Readiness: Myth Vs. Reality


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