HHCF Founder Competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament: Kugtar Challenge

Why train in the Way of the Sword if I haven't the courage to try?- Miyamoto Musashi

I love jiu jitsu. Last weekend I got the opportunity to compete in the Kugtar Challenge. It was a great tournament thrown by my good friend Vince Vanderlipe, in Salnias CA. I was in a purple belt match against Erick Fallon. It was a great match, I lost on points 3-0 (he passed my guard- which means he escaped my legs). But it was a great match and I look forward to more competitions in October when the US Open happens in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA!! Thanks to my man Nick for shooting it.

I posted this because I want people 14, or 40 (my age) to know that competition is a good thing. You will win some and you will surely lose some, but loving the game is what its about. Despite not winning, I was able to do a lot of things in this match I did not do well in prior macthes (control grips, escape side mount position, continuously attack with chokes).  There were other things I did not do so well (no sweep attempts, no throw/takedown attempts). But I took many steps forward mentally and strategically in this match. I know I'm growing in my art. I have to thank Erick Fallon for being such a good competitor and a good person. We had great conversation after the match.

I'm no Rickson Gracie, but I love the path of jiu jitsu. I used my Nintendo DS to help prepare myself mentally for my jiu jitsu match. It helped me have more confidence in the choices I made. Brazilian jiu jitsu has brought me much health, much fun and allowed me to meet some of my best friends of all races and cultures I've ever met in my life.

Much love to my team at www.heroesmartialarts.com, my instructors Gumby and Shozo Fukuda. I plan to get gold at US Open. I'm training for it already.

-Adisa Banjoko, HHCF Founder

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