HHCF Must Read of 2011!! Jay-Z Decoded

"Its like in chess, when you've already set up your endgame and your opponent doesn't even realize it." - Jay-Z

My parents got me this book for Christmas. You know, my mom took me to get my first mixer when I was 13. My dad taught me how to scratch that night. So, its only right that they gave me a book that has opened my eyes about Hip-Hop.

Jay-Z's new book is the new must read book for all HHCF members and fans. This book has more honesty in the first eight pages, than most rappers books have from front to back. Jay-Z Decoded is part autobiography, part photo album and part lyrical analysis. He looks not only at his own lyrics, but the lyrics of those that inspired him over the years. Its a powerful read. I hope that in the years to come this books is mandatory reading in American schools for kids 13 and up.

But there are some tough situations here in this book. He talks about dealing crack in his youth. But he also breaks down the complete truth about what it means to have made that choice. I appreciate his honesty about the ugly realities of the drug trade. Parents and kids alike need to be in tune with Jay-Z Decoded.

The reason Jay-Z Decoded is so important is because number one, he is a survivor. This is a man who endured many obstacles, extreme poverty, intense violence, physical and psychological threats on the streets, on wax and in the boardroom. But he navigated safely through all of it to become arguably one of the best to ever do it.

I think he will go down in history as one of the best to ever to Hip-Hop and push Hip-Hop beyond what anyone (possibly even himself) thought it could be.

Here he is talking to Cornel West enjoy....

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