HHCF Jiu Jitsu Team Teaches Self Defense Basics to Innercity Girls

Yesterday I was blessed with the opportunity to teach an introductory self defense class to girls at John O'Connell High School in San Francisco. Over the course of a few hours, I got to work with about 100 girls. We worked on escaping various pins, how to stand up with an attacker standing above you (pictured above) and wrist grab escapes. I was honored that Mrs. Lassiter and Mr. Widmann gave me the option to share some of these techniques. I'm even more grateful for my instructor Alan "Gumby" Marques, my Heroes Martial Arts Team and the HHCF Jiu Jitsu Team for helping to make this day possible.

It was a great feeling to see the girls see themselves as capable of protecting themselves on their terms. As a father of two young girls and friend of the community, it was an eye opening day for me, as well as the kids.

I also encouraged the girls to continue their learning at a local jiu jitsu school, or purchase the Gracie Combatives or Bullyproof DVD. I hope to get certified in both soon.

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