VIDEO: Lost Footage from Oberlin Lecture on Forgotten Chess History, Nonviolence and Jiu-Jitsu

Earlier this year Adisa Banjoko gave a talk at Oberlin College in the science dept. It was the first time he spoke about the history and impact of the fusion of Hip-Hop and chess. Only a small portion of it was covered in my work at the World Chess Hall of Fame's Living Like Kings exhibit. Though a smashing success on many levels, as you can imagine it is a complex and deep subject. 
Some of  the talk was not immediately available online after he spoke. Only a few days ago did ALL of the talk make it online. The subject of this talk became my upcoming book, Bobby, Bruce & Bam: The History of Hip-Hop Chess. Look for it in early 2016. I hope you enjoy these clips. Many thanks to Kalind Parish for his sharing of the video.

How the rise of Bobby Fischer, Bruce Lee and Africa Bambaataa changed chess, Hip-Hop and martial arts- forever 

On how the LA riots changed how rappers talk about chess

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