Book Review: Submit Everyone by Dave Camarillo

Submit Everyone, Dave Camarillo's latest book with Kevin Howell, brings the reader into the psychology behind his methodology in the art of jiu-jitsu. Many books on  jiu-jitsu are a compilation of techniques randomly put together. Then the reader will try to apply them and discover some of the serious details left out by the author (seemingly deliberate in some cases). Submit Everyone shares more secrets behind his success than many other authors of jiu-jitsu have. It is a courageous step and I hope more authors of jiu-jitsu books become more selfless in their explanation of the gentle art. 

Submit Everyone is a detailed book that shares the mindset behind every movement and how they can and should complement other moves in the book. At the same time Camarillo encourages the reader to constantly reevaluate their own game and application of the techniques used here. His understanding of chaining attack strategies, the limits how one position feeds to another and the idea that ones complete commitment to attaining a finishing hold is clearly demonstrated. 

We cannot forget that Dave's fusion of judo and jiu-jitsu has made him one of the most respected minds in jiu jitsu and one of the most sought after coaches in MMA. For people just starting in the sport Submit Everyone might be a bit overwhelming, so its important that you take the time to learn the fundamentals to make this book even more powerful for your training.  

There are countless armbars in this book. At a glance, one might think having so many armbars is redundant, but armbars are Dave Camarillos signature submission.  To see the deeper nuances that allow him to finish his opponents so cleanly makes the book worth its weight in gold. Additionally, his illustration of the "octopus hub", his ideas on having a "fire base" and the value of the kimura grip cannot go unmentioned.  

My only critique of this book is Submit Everyone its written in a military format to fit the Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu warrior method. The entire book reads like a dossier one might expect from Colin Powell if he were to write about jiu-jitsu. Because of this, the flow of the reading does not match the clear flow of the movements in the book. Additionally, the military format overtakes Dave Camarillos natural voice. I think Dave's direct explanations of positions in his own words are more than enough to satisfy any grappler. In the end, Submit Everyone is easily one of the top 5 jiu-jitsu books ever written.  

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