Rest in Power MCA from The Beastie Boys

I'm the biggest Beastie Boy fan on the planet. Straight up. Anybody who really knows me, will tell you I loved the Beasties from the second Slow and Low dropped. When nobody cared, I loved em. When everybody said they were a fad, I loved em. When they left Def Jam, I loved em. When when brought on live instruments, I love em. When Hurricane was no longer their DJ, I loved em. When Mix Master Mike became their DJ, I loved em (Mike lived down the street from me for a little bit before the Beasties so, I loved em a lil more).

I have this on VHS, taped it and played it a million favorite Beastie song!

 Bottom line is I'm devastated. It was hard for me to even post about it. Because to post about it means that he's dead and I'm a true fan so it hurt really bad. I had just reached out to author Dan Charnas a few weeks prior because he saw Mike D and Ad Rock. I was telling him how I wanted to get one of them to come out to our next event. That I needed them on deck to talk about nonviolence....How MCA and the Beasties love for Buddhism and peace in many ways mirrored my love for Islam and peace...The dhamapadha  Much love MCA....thank you.

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