Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thoughts on talks at Oberlin, U Conn and Beyond!

I had a great time at University of Connecticut doing my lecture Hidden in Plain Sight: The History of Hip-Hop and Chess. I was invited to do this keynote talk by the UConn Hip-Hop Collective. I want to thank Dr. Ogbar, Justis and Jasmine for all their kindness and hospitality. The entire conference was amazing from front to back. I met so many amazing people, I can't even list them all. Great campus and great food!! I love food.
U Conn Husky, DJ, MC and student mastermind Justis Lopez!!
I also want to thank the Oberlin Chess Team. Special shout to Ali, Linda, Kayland and Constantine. I had an amazing time out there and I will never forget the experience. I will never forget the spirit of the students in attendance. I will never forget the good food and the laughs we had after over burgers and tater tots. I hope to come back and do more with you next year.  
I love this. I don't know why...It just stuck with me.

     The Oberlin Chess Team rocks!!! These are the faces of the kids who will change the world...
 I have learned so much about the powerful spirit of the youth and the power of what is coming in the future. Sometimes, with my friends (the old fuddy duddies) we talk about the potential horror of the future. "These kids today" this...."In my day" that....Let me tell you. After going to so many colleges and youth centers across the country I am only convinced of one thing.

Our children are brilliant, passionate, courageous souls who seem more than equipped to take on whatever the world brings. I have more faith in the beauty and power of the future than ever before. I look forward to the summer coming and even the next school year and beyond.

If you would like to have me come out to your school and talk about Hidden in Plain Sight, Chess and Business or Hip-Hop, Chess and Nonviolence visit The Guild Agency. See you soon!!! You can see more photos by following us at @realhiphopchess on Instagram!!!


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