Rapper DLabrie, and O.G. soldier for the HHCF tangles with Adisa Banjoko

Yo, my brother from another mother, Dlabrie finally locked horns on the chessboard. It was so dope!!! We played old jams froms PE, NWA, Busy Bee and the Funky 4 plus 1 as we drank tea. He's been a true soldier for the HHCF and he is sooo skilled on the mic. But lyrics to not win chess games!! LOL...

He made and early mistake in the gae and I kept the pressure, but it was a hard win.

Check the photos below!!!

DLabrie the EOG enjoying Chinese tea at the 64 squares.

Two soldiers clash on the eternal four corners of combat.

The Bishop of Hip-Hop's mental fitness crushes DLabrie. It takes a nation of millions to hold me back from taking DLabries king. Its a chess thing.

Listen to a clip DLabries "Life Strategies" from this Geek TV HHCF coverage:

You can catch Dlabrie ripping shows as he tours across the world. Check out one of the hottest rappers in the game at:


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