Photos from the Chesspark New Mexico Meeting

So, earlier this week I went down to meet with Jack, Patrick and the rest of the Chesspark team. It was a great time. Brian Zisk and I flew in and Patrick was there to swoop us at the airport. We met up with Driftwood, Dandee, Kim and Jack at Jack's house. From there it was a long hard day of strategic planning.
I'm sworn to secrecy on most of the stuff. But I will say that 2008 will be a magnificent year for Look for some announcements in the coming months.

Anyway, Driftwood and I had some unfinished chess beef to settle. And BOY, did he put it on me! It was not pretty.

Chesspark's Driftwood puts the critical beatdown on The Bishop.

After my huiliating loss, Brian Zisk stepped up and played Driftwood. Brian is the nice guy we all know and love who kills you with a smile.

Earlier in the day, we broke out to get some enchilladas. MAN were they good.

Chessparks Brian Zisk puts the mob on Driftwood.

After Brian beat Driftwood, I tried my luck with Brian. I got SERVED!!! For one second I had an advantage. But I blundered and lost it.

Brian Zisk attacking Adisa with authority. One day though, I will have my day!!

The Bishop & Driftwood tangle once more.

Being a guy who never says die, I challenged Driftwood one more time. It was an ugly war, but I got my revenge.

The Bishop wins the game and gets a cool watch in the process! Just kidding. Don't gamble on chess. It ruins the beauty.We just thought it was a cool shot.

Like I said, 2008 is gonna be filled with big thangs for chesspark. I had a great time. After returning though, I got a NASTY virus and I've been in bed ever since. Thats why I have not added any more exclusive interivews....I think I'll be good on Monday. So, look for it then and we'll take it from there.


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