Bobby Bruce & the Bronx: The Secrets of Hip-Hop Chess Selected for Preservation at Cornell Hip-Hop Collection

So my book #BobbyBruceandtheBronx was selected by the Hip-Hop Collection at Cornell University to be preserved for future generations. This is me with Ben Ortiz where He holds my book next to one of my favorite albums Yo Bum Rush The Show by PE. To see some of the records, photos and books my book will be preserved with was and is one of the most amazing moments of my life. Amazing because you don't know how lost I was as a teen and young adult.
Amazing because I was a Hip-Hop journalist when most people didn't think Hip-Hop was art or that it was worth documenting. Amazing because I cannot believe I took an idea like fusing Hip-Hop, chess and martial arts from getting laughed at to hosting tournaments with RZA winning em to breaking attendance records at the World Chess Hall of Fame to working with the Oakland Museum on this amazing event coming in 2018........ It is still a scary journey....I still dont know if I'm worthy......I have been sitting on a complete Iron Hook Scroll Vol. 2: The Cloud Scroll for about 3 years....I just need to take the photos and illustrate the positions.... I already have the outlines for 2 more books onHip-Hop, chess and martial arts..... and I've written a little on the next one already. But more than anything I just wanted to thank God, Marshon King, Eazy- E, and my wife for believing in me and giving me a shot at being something when I never thought I could be anything. To come from that emptiness to this fullness is at times very tearworthy. For more on Cornell Hip-Hop Collection visit

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