Nonviolent Rap Song of the Week #1 Live and Let Live by Souls of Mischief

HHCF has always been an advocate for nonviolence at it's root. We have spent more than a decade promoting peace through fusion of art an logic. It is in that undying spirit that we will post a song once a week that promotes peace and or share the impact of violence in urban communities.

We will post these uncensored (though many will not have curse words). The first song is one that I have always loved, Live and Let Live by Oakland icons Souls of Mischief from the mighty Hieroglyphics Crew. It came out in 1993. However, I will post rap songs from all eras of rap. This will not just be a look back, but a look at now- as we look forward.

Note these songs are chosen at random and are NOT a ranking, but simply a LIST of the songs about peace that permeate rap music. 

I will post a link to the lyrics so you can read along. It is important to soak in the idea that code switching is always at the root of a lot of rap. I cannot walk you through all of the slang in each song. I encourage you to use Rap Genius to help you get clear on certain words if you do not come from the rap world. Please use the annotation of the lyrics. 

However, the reality of Hip-Hop (and rap music specifically) as an art form celebrating peace above and beyond all other forms of mainstream music is part of what we aim to prove. This song contains curse words. Parental discretion is advised. 

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